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Bengt Köhler Sandberg, born 1983 in Gothenburg / Sweden.
Live today in Uddevalla / Sweden.

Started my photography interest in around 2005 when I got my first SLR.
But my interest have been a true passion sense around 2007.
And everything I know about photography is more or less self-taught.

My equipment have gone back and forth between digital and analogue throughout the years.
But have always had a weak spot for a nice old vintage camera.
Today I almost only use my old analogue cameras and I have quite the collection.
This span from your standard manual focus SLR to big 4x5" large format cameras.
Have however always felt that the image feel is way more important over the technical quality.
And a crappy plastic camera can make beautiful images with a its imperfection.
I also experiment by making my own lenses and cameras to get a feel that I like.